How to choose the right pricing model with Stormly

Product managers are responsible for developing and managing pricing models, which is a very important part of the product development life cycle. For this reason, it’s critical that you choose the right pricing model in order to maximize revenue and satisfy customers’ needs.

Why Google Analytics Doesn't Help To Improve Your Product

How many times have you opened Google Analytics, looked at one of the reports, and as a result, got an insight that led you to an idea on how to actually improve your product? It’s probably close to zero.

How to work with Stormly's Insights

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of getting the most out of Stormly Dashboards and show you how you can look at the same Insights from different angles. Read on to get started!

Product Update
How to make your dashboards more actionable

Having a possibility to modify the things like “days” and “hours” may seem small but can make a huge difference when looking at charts. This blog post will walk you through some easy formatting tips for making your dashboards look great!

Opinion Article
How The Social Dilemma demonized AI- based Models, Addictive Design and Growth Hacking

The new Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” portrays how popular social services like Facebook, Instagram, or Google manipulate the users without them even realizing it. As a tech person, with a marketing and UX background, I decided to share my view on a few aspects discussed in the film.

Take your A/B testing to the next level

One of the basic but most effective forms of experimentation while building a product or running an ad campaign is A/B testing. It sounds very trivial, however those simple changes might significantly improve your conversions and what follows, revenue.

Product Update
Stormly is now integrated with MParticle!

With so many tools and integrations out there, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Fear not! Stormly is now integrated with MParticle.

Optimize your user's journey with Stormly

It’s so frustrating to hear that a customer is unhappy with your product. Especially when you’re not sure what the problem is! One way to do this is by using Stormly’s User Journey Insight - which lets you see where people are dropping off inside your product or app.

What makes the user want to convert?

When you are working on a product, there is an overwhelming amount of user research, data gathering and analysis. It can be too easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of the big picture. But it’s not enough to just know what users say they want or even how they act; you also need to understand why people do things so that your product performs as expected—every time.

Case Study
Discover which features your users like best and make better product decisions

Product features can be a make or break deal for consumers considering purchasing your product. That’s why it is crucial to figure out what’s important to them by analyzing what features you have and comparing their intensity and usage relative to other product features you have.

Case Study
How Yogile doubled its conversion rate after discovering the Aha-moment and redesigning their user journey

Yogile’s success story started when it only took 5 minutes for Yogile to run Insights and tie the analysis together. As a result, they doubled their conversion rate by discovering the Aha-moment and redesigning its user journey. Want to double your conversion too? Read how to do it in a few simple steps!

How to forecast your Stripe sales or revenue

You see a drop in sales for the last few days, and start to panic. By running a forecast you will know if this decrease in sales is expected or a real problem. A forecast may indicates that because of seasonality, your sales sales are always down 30% starting this time of the year.

Milestone Analysis from Amplitude vs “Aha moment” Insight from Stormly

Amplitude recently announced their new Milestone Analysis. While doing this analysis can be useful in some cases, it’s nowhere close to uncovering your true aha-moment. Read why.

4 ways to decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate

Based on different sources and industries, the overall shopping cart abandonment rate is somewhere between 60% and 80%. We collected four of the most common ways to decrease the abandonment rate and dig into the problem a little deeper.

Company Update
Stormly partnered up with Segment!

One of the most common challenges when trying out a new data tool is collecting historical data and being able to use it for analysis.

Product Update
In times of uncertainty, collaborate.

Until recently, most businesses were following their strategies set out for this year. Right now, most companies have seen their plans invalidated by the global pandemic we are in at the moment.

Product Update
New times, new strategy

Only a few weeks ago, a vision of a global pandemic and a nationwide quarantine seemed like something surreal. The beginning of 2020 looked promising and some assumed that the expected market breakdown will eventually not happen. But here it is.