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Why Stormly is the best product analytics for e-commerce and how it's different than Mixpanel or Amplitude

Having the right tools to understand your customers and market trends is the key to success in e-commerce. Stormly, with its advanced AI and GPT capabilities, is a tool that delivers exactly that — quick, efficient, and powerful insights into your customer data.

Unlike older generation tools like Amplitude or Mixpanel, Stormly brings something extra to the table. It doesn’t just offer analytics, it offers advanced understanding of user behavior, which allows you to predict future performance and make smarter decisions for your business.

Stormly works like your personal data analyst, asking questions about your product and then answering them in the form of easy-to-understand dashboards and explanations. What’s more, it doesn’t stop at providing answers. It also gives you guidance based on the results, allowing you to take concrete steps to grow your business.

Whether you are a webshop product manager looking for an edge over competitors, or a business of any size seeking to improve your e-commerce performance, Stormly is the ideal tool for you. It allows you to deeply understand how users engage with your product and to create better experiences for your customers.

One of the unique strengths of Stormly is its predictive capabilities. It doesn’t just tell you what has happened, it tells you what is likely to happen next. This allows you to make changes proactively, and drive user retention.

Stormly doesn’t just provide data, it gives you understanding. Understanding of your users, understanding of your product, and understanding of what steps you need to take to support the growth of your business.

In a world where data is abundant but understanding is scarce, Stormly offers you the latter. If you’re a modern company looking to grow, to understand your users, and to predict the future, Stormly is the tool for you. Leave the old generation tools behind, and take a step into the future with Stormly.

How is Stormly different from Amplitude of Mixpanel?

At first glance, Stormly and Mixpanel may appear similar but when you take a closer look at what they offer, their differences become immediately clear.

While Mixpanel is focused primarily on large enterprises, allowing them to track customer behaviors and identify trends amongst their user base, Stormly takes things a step further by catering to companies of any size.

It has an impressive array of features tailor made for monitoring Webshop data and optimizing the customer journey - no matter how small or big your business is.

So when it comes to understanding the full picture of your user actions, Stormly has you covered!

Stormly brings value to your business in ways that older generation analytics tools can’t match.

Here’s why many webshops are making the switch to Stormly:

AI and GPT-Enhanced Insights Forget about the costly and time-consuming setup, training, and maintenance needed for Mixpanel. Stormly has got you covered with AI and GPT technology. It suggests crucial product questions for you, then answers them in the form of a clear and concise dashboard and detailed explanations. Whether you’re new to product analytics or a seasoned expert seeking deeper insights, Stormly adapts to your needs and delivers key metrics to help optimize your online platform effectively and efficiently.

User-Friendly with No Learning Curve The brilliance of Stormly lies in its simplicity. It’s designed to be used without any previous knowledge or experience. From constructing informative dashboards to gathering actionable data, Stormly simplifies everything. Unlike Mixpanel, which could take significant time and effort to learn and extract insights, Stormly delivers results fast and efficiently. There’s no need for complicated equations or coding skills.

Quick, Straightforward Insights Stormly removes the guesswork from product analytics. It helps you dive straight into user metrics, providing clear insights into your users’ behavior. Who are your most engaged users? Who is becoming more active? Who may be losing interest and why? With Stormly, you don’t have to sift through heaps of data. The key insights you need come up automatically, saving you time and effort.

Stormly is a powerful, straightforward tool that empowers you to make informed decisions and develop effective engagement strategies. With its AI and GPT capabilities, Stormly is the modern tool for businesses of any size looking to level up their e-commerce analytics.

Feature Comparison:

The Ultimate Collaboration Tool for Teams

Keeping all team members informed about product dynamics is vital in today’s fast-paced business world. With Stormly, each member can directly access the insights they need and contribute to data-driven decisions, regardless of their level of expertise.

Stormly’s unique offering lies in its AI and GPT capabilities that democratize data access. This makes it possible for every team member to utilize the power of data and make more informed decisions. Moreover, Stormly also allows users to add text directly to the dashboard, creating a collaborative workspace that fosters better communication and seamless team interactions.

Thanks to Stormly’s advanced user filtering, your team can answer practical questions with ease. For instance, you can quickly figure out how many and what type of t-shirts have been added to the shopping cart, or identify the items that are favourited and shared most often during a customer’s third visit.

It’s time to empower your team with the tools they need for success. Foster a data-driven culture, improve collaboration, and get the most out of your product analytics with Stormly.

Tailored to your needs

At Stormly, we think it’s time to take product analytics out of the realm of expensive enterprise solutions and put it in the hands of all products.

While existing state-of-the-art solutions such as Mixpanel or Amplitude are outdated and quite expensive, our affordable features offer a different approach that ensures no one has to go without product analytics.

When it comes to data analysis for Webshops, Stormly is the expert – our sophisticated filtering functions allow you to see data from many perspectives for unparalleled insights.

Stormly knows the e-commerce world inside and out, allowing them to identify opportunities for growth and improvement with a comprehensive understanding of webshop analytics.

With countless successful projects under their belt and years of experience in product analysis, businesses can trust that Stormly will find new ways to increase conversions and maximize profit through targeted strategies that reflect the unique needs of each business.

Ahead of the curve trends and detailed analysis provide actionable advice so companies can be sure they are always staying on top of the latest insights in e-commerce and making informed decisions every step of the way.