By: Stormly in Knowledge

What makes the user want to convert?

When you are working on a product, there is an overwhelming amount of user research, data gathering and analysis. It can be too easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of the big picture. But it’s not enough to just know what users say they want or even how they act; you also need to understand why people do things so that your product performs as expected—every time.

Industry insiders know the best way to drive consistent conversions is through understanding what common behaviors or user profiles might be leading towards a conversion goal.

Luckily, our Insight can do that instantly by anonymously analyzing your user’s behavior for patterns related to conversion goals. You’ll get notified when new patterns are found in your app or website so you know what’s working and how to improve it without guesswork!

All you have to do is, as always, simply open the Insight. First we need to pick a conversion goal. We’re interested in seeing what behavior leads to upgrading to the premium plan, so “performing an action” is most relevant. Then we want to pick the conversion event that relates to paying. After that, all you need is some patience as it runs the numbers!

What’s interesting is that you can see not only what behavior leads to conversion, but also which user attributes, like country, device or visit hour of the day, have a high likelihood to convert to the premium plan. This can help you optimize your user acquisition and outreach campaigns.

One of the most effective ways to increase conversions is by making your product more appealing. Watching what motivates people, and understanding how they will react to different incentives can help you get a better idea for how to make changes. The behavioral results show you in an easy and understandable way, what behavior leads to paying for the premium plan. Use these to your advantage and optimize your product so that users are triggered to perform the behavior that leads the most to conversion.

What’s the point of a conversion if you don’t know about it? With our automated notifications, you’ll get a notification as soon as new interesting behavior or user segments emerge that make your conversions increase.

The answer is in the data! There are many different ways you can use your marketing efforts to target and convert more customers. But, how do you know which is best? Don’t worry– with our awesome Insight, we’ve got you covered!

Specifying relevant user behavior

Stormly is the perfect tool for those who want to go deeper with their analysis. We’re going to make it even more interesting by specifying a custom user behavior property. To do so, just click “Custom” from the top menu and pick “User Properties.”

For this example, we are interested to see how a user playing one or more songs during multiple hours, influences conversion. To do so choose the “User Session” option. For the “Valid session contains” options pick “Play song”. For “new session after”, we choose 1 hour. Finally, save this newly defined property.

Next, go back to Insights and re-run the analysis using the “Refresh” option for a better sense of what is happening with your customers. Once the results are in, you will see if and how much influence users playing songs some hours apart have on conversion rates before converting into paying customers!

Stormly is a tool that analyzes your data to make sure it’s sound. The most difficult part of this process is making sure your properties are used in a statistically correct way, but not with Stormly! You can be sure everything will be taken care of when you use Stormly for all your data science needs.

As a bonus, any user properties you save, can be reused in all other Insight. You can filter on those properties, create custom user segments from them, and much more. It’s like an extra power-up for your marketing efforts!

Going deep down the rabbit hole

Our selection of custom user properties to add retention, session and calculations properties on a per-user level cover almost all use cases you will encounter in your daily work.

If you need a custom user property that doesn’t exist out of the box, we offer a robust set of SQL commands to define properties on the user level. This lets you get creative and super flexible. Not only can these properties be reused in filters, segments and behavioral analysis, but anyone who has access to your account can do so too!

We know that you want to make the most of your company’s resources, and we’re here to help. With our Insights, you can analyze point-to-point data from any report within a few clicks. And if that doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, just imagine how much time and effort these babies could save your team in the long run! Just sign up now so we can get started on making some magic happen together. 🧞‍♂️