By: Aleks in Company Update

Stormly partnered up with Segment!

One of the most common challenges when trying out a new data tool is collecting historical data and being able to use it for analysis.

We’ve been there. Getting all excited about new possibilities and then bumping into this issue of collecting data.

At some point, all the good intentions to try an innovation are defeated by a lack of time to arrange the implementation or the fact that the current tool you’re using has locked you in by not allowing you to take your data out.

This is the reason why exist, because setting up tracking data for each new product can prove to be a hurdle and they’ve solved this problem.

We’re happy to announce that Stormly has a Segment compatible Destination to help our clients get started without making any changes in their app or website.

Integrating with Segment has been a priority for us from the very start. As soon as we notice that a Stormly client has challenges with connecting their data, we recommend them to sign-up with Segment first, even before starting a trial with Stormly.

Once Segment is setup, Stormly users can benefit from receiving tracking events from other sources such as payments, push campaigns and email deliveries in real-time, without any code changes.

Segment can perform all data collection tasks for you, all in real-time so you can get the insights from your data in no time! Learn more about how to set up Segment with Stormly here.