Many Ways To Integrate Your Data With Stormly

Connect your data

Connect with Segment

Benefits from the zero code tracking by connecting to Stormly directly from your Segment dashboard.

Segment has hundreds of connectors for platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.

Integrate with Segment »

Connect with mParticle

Use mParticle to start sending data directly from your app to Stormly, no code changes or updates needed!

Integrate with mParticle »

Excel or CSV files

Import your data directly by uploading Excel or CSV files containing users and events. The fastest way to get started and receive your first insights.

Integrate with React

If you've got a website that uses React, you can directly integrate with Stormly.

Integrate with React »

Integrate with Shopify

If you've got your an e-commerce store on the Shopify platform, you can directly integrate with Stormly.

Integrate with Shopify »

Import from Amplitude or MixPanel

If you've got your data in Amplitude or MixPanel already, we can back-fill your historical data into Stormly. Contact us to get this set up for your account.

(function(e,t,n,r,i,s,o){e["StormlyObject"]=i;e[i]=e[i]||function(){(e[i].q=e[i].q||[]).push(arguments)},s=t.createElement(n),o=t.getElementsByTagName(n)[0];s.async=1;s.src=r;o.parentNode.insertBefore(s,o)})  (window,document,"script","//","stormly");
stormly("create", "d123456789abcdefg", {anonymizeIP: true});

<script>stormly("event", "buy", {price: 99.95, color: "blue", paid: true});</script>

Website tracking script

Integrate the Stormly JavaScript tracking script to capture data from your website directly.

Tracking API for mobile and servers

Use our JSON Tracking API end-points to directly capture your data from mobile apps, server-side or browser based clients.

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --data @- <<JSON
    "user_client": "app",
    "action": "event",
    "name": "buy",
    "user_id": "user-12345",
    "timestamp": "2023-03-27T12:40:27.803Z",

    "properties": {
      "color": "blue",
      "price": 99.95,
      "onSale": true

    "context": {
      "device_manufacturer": "Apple",
      "device_model": "iPhone7,2",
      "device_name": "maguro",
      "device_type": "ios",
      "ip": ""
curl --data-binary @/path/to/file.json \

Import API

Back-fill data into Stormly using our Import API, allowing you to send up to 500MB of JSON or CSV data per request.

Connect your data and get blown away 🤯