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Stormly vs Amplitude, Mixpanel, Heap, Pendo and other competitors

Product managers are often faced with the difficult task of deciding which product analytics tool to use. The choice can be even more daunting when they find out that there is a whole suite of options on the market.

Stormly is one such option, and it stands out from other products by focusing on taking away all the manual work of experimentation from you.

Stormly provides an easy-to-use alternative to product analysis software like Amplitude, Mixpanel and Google Analytics by giving you a clear picture of your users’ behavior with our powerful Insights, that turn your data into beautiful charts and graphs presenting the useful insights.

Mixpanel, Amplitude and Heap are just some examples of competing solutions available right now - but how do you know if Stormly really holds up against them?

Product managers know that there is never enough time to get everything done. With limited resources, they need tools that help them be as efficient as possible in their work. Analytics Insights from Stormly are one of the latest innovations in this space, created specifically with product managers’ needs in mind.

The best part about Stormly’s Insights is that you can just pick the metrics or behavior patterns you want to uncover and we not only deliver accurate results, but also give you unlimited flexibility in saving discovered segments, comparing data, forecasting trends. We help businesses get to the bottom of their data with our features!

As you approach your next Aha-moment, most analytics tools are going to fall short.It’s frustrating when a tool is supposed to measure and analyze everything but in reality it only does something basic like measuring bounce rate for websites or tracking which products customers are clicking on while browsing an eCommerce website. The examples of Amplitude versus Stormly will show that soon enough after hours of struggling with manual experimentation; you’ll come up against limitations from these standard analytic tools.

As your company and product grows, your analytics needs will grow with you. As you progress, you will want to look at your data by asking deeper questions and looking from more angles. With analytics platforms such as Amplitude, Mixpanel or Heap, you will hit the limits in getting the insights you need early on. This means you will have to resort to exporting your data, and having a data team to spend a lot of time on analyzing and answering your questions based on your growing business needs.

You can expect more than just the analytics from Stormly. You’ll get a data platform that is flexible and constantly evolving to meet your needs, no matter how complex they become or what questions you start asking in your business journey.

It’s exciting to think of the customizations you can make with this tool! You not only have control over user behavior and properties, but conversion goals as well.

To get to the deepest level of customization, you can use custom SQL statements to define user-level properties and behavioral goals. These then become a part of insights like Aha Moment Insight for even more advanced optimization!

Even our AI models allow you to use custom SQL conversion goals, so you can define how churn looks like exactly for your business. Or what conversion means to you.

All of these custom SQL properties can be defined once and then reused by all Insights, filters, segmentations etc.

For a concrete example of being able to go deeper with customization, check out our conversion patterns blog post!

Most analytics tools are all about numbers, but Stormly goes deeper and uses AI to help you uncover ideas and patterns that will take your business to the next level.

That’s not all! Stormly lets you easily use real-time models for e.g., predicting conversion and a recommendation engine, so that with just your data in hand, you can go full circle to be fully driven by the power of predictive analytics using one simple platform.

If that’s not enough, you can create custom Insights on top of the Stormly platform and automate your analytics needs. You can even bring in your own models aboard! Read how in our complete developer documentation.

You’re right. The conclusion is– there’s absolutely no need to be chained down by other analytics products when Stormly is here with all of the features you could ask for!

With our one-stop platform, it’ll be so much easier than trying to keep a bunch of different tools updated and running smoothly together. What are you waiting for? Switch now before your competitors do. Sign up today!