Stormly Features

Equip your team with a tool that will turn your data into actionable product insights without having to spend hours on experimentation and guesswork.

Improve your product in seconds

Just choose a product question or type in your own, then hit the button.

Instantly, you'll get your answer displayed on a tidy dashboard, along with helpful explanations and practical next steps.

Everyone Has Questions 🤔

No more spending hours trying to figure out what questions to ask. Our technology will suggest focus areas and create custom dashboards based on your questions.

We've Got The Answers ✨

Now you not only get powerful insights into your users' behavior, but also tailored tips on how to improve your product. Discover fresh insights, foster collaboration, and transform brainstorming into a joyful and productive experience.

Create team dashboards

Paired with our automatically generated Insights, you can now monitor the success of your company by bringing all insights together in one dashboard. This will help make better decisions that are aligned with what matters most to achieve best results!

Collaborative dashboards for your team

Add notes directly to your dashboards and work together as a team, turning data analytics into a collaborative endeavor for your product teams.

Sophisticated behavioral filters

At Stormly, we understand that staying ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding user behavior can be a difficult task.

Only count conversions within 7 days of signup or after the 2nd session? No problem!

Get notified with alerts and notifications

Get notified automatically when that new feature doesn't perform as well as expected. Notify your team about drops in conversion before it becomes a problem so you can fix the issue quicker and make sure users are happy!

Use SQL for maximum freedom

Stormly is the best platform for diving deeper into your data. You can define user behavior and attributes in simple queries that anyone else on Stormly will be able to re-use as product goals, filters or audiences!

Stormly has a lot to offer and is the best choice for your business. Check out our comparions page so you can see how Stormly stacks up against alternatives such as Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Power BI, Tableau or Looker.

Easy Data Integration

Integrate with Segment, mParticle, Shopify, React, JavaScript, or with Stormly directly.