By: Stormly in Comparison

Best European Alternative to Amplitude

If you’re looking for an affordable product analytics tool that offers the features of Amplitude, but is European-based, look no further than Stormly.

Stormly is a European alternative to Amplitude that’s growing in popularity among product managers. Like Amplitude, Stormly provides insights into user behavior, but it’s much cheaper and easier to use. Plus, it has all the features you need to track your product’s success.

Best part is, the platform is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It shows clearly in the pricing options of Stormly. You can start with a free forever plan, which allows you to track 25k actions per month.

It is more than enough for a small size product, or to sample your data and test all the awesome functionalities. Such as various Insights, like Product Feature Analysis, or Aha-moment.

The way it works is that you simply pick the metrics that are most relevant to your product, and Stormly will deliver you the actionable insights automatically. No need for experimentation or manual work. That is something that sets Stormly apart from other products out there. Especially Amplitude, which requires quite some work to get to any clear clues that will help you improve your product.

Once you test how powerful the platform and your data needs are growing, you can always easily scale up by picking one of the paid plans. Such as Starter for $199/month or Growth for $799, which even gets you custom Insights built just for you! Reach out to the Stormly team and we’ll draft a custom plan that fits your needs best.

Stormly is a product analytics tool that offers a wide range of features not available in Amplitude. These features include the ability to see how different user segments interact with your product, as well as detailed Cohort Analysis. Stormly integrates with customer data platforms you might be using, like Segment or mParticle.

The best part is that you can easily create your own Dashboards. This way, you have all your favorite Insights at your fingertips. Once you create a Dashboard, you will also receive emails with newest results once they are detected. It is just like having a data consultant working for you 24/7. To achieve that in Amplitude, you would have to hire someone to look into the data and craft those insights for you.

As you can see, Stormly as a product analytics platform is a massive upgrade from Amplitude. Stormly’s user interface is more customizable and provides more detailed insights than anything available on the market today. Additionally, Stormly offers features such as cohort analysis and funnel visualization that are not available on Amplitude. If you are looking for a more in-depth product analytics platform, Stormly is the best option available.

If you’re a product manager, then you know that understanding your users’ behavior is key to making informed decisions about your product. With Stormly, it will tell you exactly what behavior is predicted to convert best, and relates that to your product goals. Whether that is improving conversion, increasing retention, revenue or getting more active users.

There are a lot of reasons to consider Stormly if you’re in the market for an alternative to Amplitude. If your users are located in Europe, you should consider switching as soon as possible in the light of recent announcements that Google Analytics has been declared illegal by the French data protection authorities. This is just the beginning to further cases like that against American-based data products.

The best part is - Stormy is like a glass of water in the data hell for product managers. It has all the features they need to improve the products while avoiding mistakes and long hours of trial and error. Sign up today and start making better decisions about your product with a few clicks!