Webshop Insights

Discover what behavior and inventory increases checkout

For webshops, it’s important to prevent people from leaving without completing their shopping cart order. High shopping cart abandonment can be big a problem for many webshops, leading to below-average returns on ad campaigns and loss in sales.

This report gives insight into which basket value has what percentage of abandonment. More importantly, it shows what user behavior has a lower cart abandonment rate. This allows you to optimize the webshop flow better, and target your campaigns more effectively.

A few examples of behavior that may lead to lower shopping cart abandonment:

  • The color of item is red and price is between $50 than $120.
  • The size of the item is XL and the user viewed product details.

To automatically decrease shopping cart abandonment, you could also recommend items to the shopper that they are most likely to buy. This report contains a recommender system that does exactly that; this can be integrated with your app or website to allow for better product recommendations based on properties such as location, time of day, and more.

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