By: Stormly

Aha Moment

Knowing what user behavior leads to higher conversion or engagement can be very useful. Even better is to relate this behavior to a specific timeframe, such as number of actions done within the first 2 hours of installing an app.

Knowing the answer to this allows you to significantly increase conversion and engagement. You can then optimize your app or website’s onboarding flow to encourage users to reach the specified number of actions within the timeframe, also known as the Aha-Moment.

A few examples of Aha-Moments:

  • 7 friends added in 10 first days.
  • Listening to 10 songs in the first 2 hours.
  • Sending 15 messages in the first 3 days.

This Template allows you to uncover your Aha-Moment by answering one simple question; what is the conversion action you want to optimize for?

Aha Moment - Conversion Based
This uncovers your aha moment and how it relates to your users converting by doing some action.
Aha Moment - Retention Based
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